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What is a Canadian Immigration Exam?

A Canadian immigration exam is a medical examination of your health to determine entry or denial of immigration status. The exam is completed by a panel physician approved by the IRCC.

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Immigration Medical Checkup in Canada

In 2020 Travelling is fairly common, be it for your leisure pastime, or to attend some urgent business. Different nations have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to admitting citizens of other nations into their countries, Canada is no exception. Before COVID-19, immigration medical checkups were very common, and Canada has its own set of rules when you land in any of the airports from other countries.

What to Expect at CDNcare

CDN Care Ottawa takes care of all the medical checkups and file work. We are open up to six days a week, and you can reach out to us through our website or helpline number to book an Immigration Medical Examination (IME) even before you land in Canada.

All the tests can be done on a single visit and on-site. We would take care of submitting your Immigration Medical Examination file to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada electronically through the eMedical System.

We are located in west Ottawa, nearer to the Maitland North exit on the 417 and on route 85. Onsite paid parking, and free street parking is available nearby if you intend to visit by car.

Our online appointment booking system allows you to book and schedule an Immigration Medical Examination even before you arrive in Canada, and get all your tests done in a single visit.

Our dedicated staff are available six days a week and can email you any copies of your test results as well as the date of submitting your medical file. Based on your age and medical status, the tests are prescribed and performed accordingly.

Immigration Physicians

  • Dr. Ulanovych

  • Dr. Sivanantharajah

  • Dr. Abbud

  • Dr. Li

  • Dr. Zhang

  • Dr. Buczek

  • Dr. Bamford

  • Dr. Dauksz

How to start your Immigration Exam

Please bring with you:

  • Valid identification document.

  • The forms or letters, if received from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

  • Wear, or bring your contact lenses or glasses.

  • Any prescriptions, medication, and relevant medical reports.

  • Patient must bring in signed referral form from a panel physician, eMedical documents and health card/IHF certificate –Please note that this examination is not covered under the Provincial Health Insurance.

The Exam will include:

  • A Chest X-ray is performed on all clients immigrating to Canada as part of their immigration medical examination as directed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • Urine, and blood test.

Fasting is not necessary. All test results are sent to our clinic. We accept payment through debit or credit cards, and major medical insurance firms can also cover this expense.

Why do I need a medical immigration exam?

The primary reason for the immigration medical check is to ensure that you do not carry any contagious or viable diseases. Once the test reports are available, they would be submitted directly to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. A copy will also be emailed to you. If any of the test results need follow-up, our team will contact you if needed. Your application for immigration in Canada can be made available on the IRCC website. Contact us today for a consultation. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you with any questions.

We offer chest X-ray examination to those clients who are immigrating to Canada and USA.

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