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Naturotherapy Clinic Ottawa

Naturotherapy, care with the exclusive use of natural resources (dietetics, lifestyle, herbal medicine, fasting, sun, clean air, water, massage, blood cell analysis, etc.) excluding the use of any pharmaceutical products.

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Naturotherapy Services Available:

  • Personal Lifestyle Counseling

  • Diet Counseling and Diet Therapy

  • Detoxification and Treating

  • Environmental Toxicities, and Nutrition Counseling

  • Blood Cell Analysis

Naturotherapy Programs Available:

  • General Health and Health assessment

  • Weight Loss

  • Pregnancy Preparation

  • Skin Issues

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Immune System Issues

  • Lifespan Program

  • Diabetes

  • Cardio Vascular

  • Oncological Protection

Live Blood Cell Analysis (BCA)

Live Blood Cell Analysis (BCA) or Dark Field Blood Analysis is a test that assists your natural healing practitioner in assessing your overall state and direction or progress of care.

With a single drop of blood, you and your practitioner can examine through a projection screen.

Many issues can be seen such as pancreas stress, digestive issues, atherosclerotic predisposition, allergic state, intestinal bacteria overgrowth and dysbacteriosis signs, fungal conditions, possible parasites and candida, immune suppression, toxicity and pH imbalances, lack of vitamins and minerals, predisposition to chronic, degenerative and oncological diseases.

Recommendations will be made to help decrease toxicity and improve overall health. Once your blood improves, your whole health improves.

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