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The Canadian Diagnostic Network adheres to the Ontario PHIPA policy. For any image
transfer request, we will no longer be providing CD’s to patients, due to COVID-19. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Alternatively, all patients will receive access to their images through a patient’s portal which is available to you online 24/7 and is like your personal imaging wallet at no charge.
We kindly ask that you read our PHIPA policy below and email us at:

Thank you,
CDN Team


Maintaining patients’ personal health information in confidence is an ethical and legal requirement of all healthcare providers. We at the Canadian Diagnostic Network (“CDN”) take this responsibility very seriously. The Personal Health Information Protection Act (“PHIPA”) governs the manner in which personal health information may be collected, used and disclosed within the health sector in Ontario. It establishes certain privacy rights for individuals and imposes specific obligations on custodians in protecting personal health information. All requests made by, or on behalf of, patients of CDN for access to medical records or for transfer of medical
records to a third party, must comply with the requirements and obligations set out in the PHIPA. As an independent health facility, CDN is a designated “health information custodian”. The medical information collected, used and disclosed by CDN in providing diagnostic imaging services is information protected by PHIPA. With limited exceptions, PHIPA requires custodians to obtain consent from patients before personal health information is collected, used or disclosed. Under PHIPA, regardless of whether it is express or implied, consent must be:
(1) knowledgeable; (2) voluntary (not obtained through deception or coercion);
(3) related to the information in question; and (4) given by the individual.
In accordance with the requirements of PHIPA, any patients requesting access to their medical records or requesting that records be transferred to a third party, must comply with the following requirements: (1) The patient must complete the attached Consent form; (2) The patient must present in person with a valid photo identification; and, (3) In certain circumstances, a document retrieval fee must be paid.

CDN may require up to 2 weeks to comply with the request. If the patient is incapable of providing consent, PHIPA permits a substitute decision-maker, such as a relative,
spouse, child’s parent, or the Public Guardian and Trustee, to make a decision on an individual’s behalf. In cases of children less than 16 years old, a parent of the child or a children’s aid society or other person who is lawfully entitled to give or refuse  consent in the place of the parent may also give consent. If you have any questions or concerns about providing consent on behalf of a patient, please contact us support@mycdncare[dot]ca

Taking your images with you

You will need to fill out a permission form for us to release your personal health information. You can then have your CD made and you or a delegate can pick it up in person. If you are picking up more than one copy, you will need to pay for extra copies. Each extra copy costs $55, which you must pay before they are made.

Requesting results from a test

Results are the reports made by the radiologist about your images. You can have your results sent to more than one doctor after you have your test done. You do this when you check in (ask them to send additional copies of the report). If you forgot to ask for your results to be sent to a physician at the time of your test, you can request it from the film library.

Adding Outside Images to the CDN network for your doctor

If you are seeing a physician here but have had your images done at another place, bring the films or your CD to the Film Library before your appointment. We will import your images into our archive and your CD will be ready for pickup the following day. If you are going to have a test done here that you have had somewhere else recently (in the last five years), it is always a good idea to bring a copy of your other exam so the radiologist can compare them.

Please note: Importing images doesn’t happen immediately. Please be prepared to leave your films or CDs with us. We will have it ready to be picked up the following day. We do not mail CDs.


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