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What to Expect From Your First Mammogram?

Opting for a mammogram is significant for your breast health. In simple words, Mammograms are an X-ray examination method of the breast. It is usually used to screen for breast cancer, as it can spot any abnormalities in the breast tissue. Here’s what you can expect for your first Mammogram:

What is Mammogram?

Let’s get it clear what is Mammogram more simply and quickly:

  • It is a breast cancer screening device
  • It uses low-dose X-rays to spot glitches
  • Highly recommended for women in their early 40s
  • Assists in the initial identification for better treatment results

What to Expect From Your First Mammogram?

Let’s dig deeper without further ado:

1- Preparation Instructions:

2- Age Factor:

Mammograms are usually highly recommended for women in their early 40s. Family history also matters. If such an anomaly runs in your family, you are more likely to experience this. Though, instructions may differ based on your region and certain risk factors.

3- Time-Span:

The Mammogram is comparatively swift. Generally, it takes almost 20 minutes. Yet, more time can be consumed by some individuals.

4- Wrapping Up in a Gown:

When you get there, at the time of the Mammogram, you will be told to wrap yourself in a loose gown, a two-piece outfit to make you feel comfortable.

Procedure of Mammogram

Multiple Imaging

To get a comprehensive picture of your breast tissue, your healthcare provider will take two X-ray images of each breast – different dimensions will be captured, one from top to bottom and another from side to side.

Less Radiation Exposure

Mammograms use a small dose of X-rays, which is believed to be safe. The perks of early breast cancer finding usually outbalance the perils associated with radiation exposure.

Outcomes and Follow-Up

A radiologist will evaluate the images after the process. Your results will be shared with your doctor, who will consult them. If any glitch is identified, additional assessment may be needed, as well as further imaging or a biopsy.


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