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Why is Compression Important for a Mammogram?

The Main Purpose of Compression

The main motive for compression is to broaden the breast tissue uniformly. Breasts consist of diverse tissues, such as those full of fat and thick tissues. So when it is squeezed by compression, it separates the overlapping tissues. It skillfully curtails the possibility of superimposed structures that can bury the glitches. It enables the screening to pass through the breast efficiently by creating a super clear image that assists radiologists in signifying any possible anomalies in the form of lumps, tumors, or cysts.

Improved Image Quality

A compression method tremendously supports reducing motion artifacts. It is usual for women to move a little during the process. This motion can cause unclear images without compressing technique. Blurred images cannot reveal precise outcomes; the results could be unreliable. Compression in this connection brilliantly deals with motion artifacts, bringing sharper, more transparent, and more dependable images.

Ensuring Patient Safety

In addition, compression is pivotal in curtailing the amount of radiation exposure required to obtain satisfactory images. The compression squeezes the breast tissue and turns it thinner; due to this, a lesser amount of radiation is needed to go through the breast. Less radiation ensures a patient’s well-being.

Positioning Reproducibility

The compression technique assists in diagnosing breast anomalies. Further, it keeps the breast in an accurate position for every mammogram. It aims to aid radiologists in monitoring any change or development in breast tissue.

Prioritizing Breast Health

The Significant Function of Compression in Mammograms

In conclusion, the importance and urgency of compression in mammograms is just undeniable. There are immense reasons that make it an integral part of mammograms, such as it minimizes motion artifacts and reduces radiation exposure.

The compression technique ensures steady positioning for precise assessment. Regardless of the uneasiness, the perks of compression are huge. It achieves unambiguous mammogram images.

Regular mammograms are a vital part of women’s well-being, and by getting aware of the high importance of compression in this process, women can assertively prefer their breast health.

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